Too Much

Sorry the update has been so bad.
But with my sex change still healing and Berlin Fashion Week going on I've been hidden in a cave watching United States of Tara.
Many have asked me to write more so who knows. Maybe there'll be some updates every now and then!

I really don't know where to start.
So many things have happened.
We went to Croatia to InMusic festival.
It was totally awesome. We flew from Berlin to Munich where we spent the night in a Hotel.
The morning after we got picked up by our own fucking tourbus which we had during the entire festival.
We started with meeting the camera crew and introducing ourselves.
When we had done that they started filming and documenting EVERYTHING.
Long story short. We got stuck in the border in between Slovenia and Croatia (for five or six hours, don't really remember) where we partied in our bus and jumped around in Buffalo Towers, haha!
We had a great time, met a cute Croatian boy, partied like crazy and left with the experience of a lifetime (and a free phone).

Party at the Slovenian/Croatian border!

And now, well now it's just fucking warm and I'm trying to study (which I'm obviosly not doing since I'm updating my blog) before I go to work but it's just TOO FUCKING WARM!

School: Geography
Fan: Pink, bought in Spain

Sweat you later.


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