Paper Gangsta

Unlike the four gentlemen in the car from before the Pizza Man downstairs is fabulous and he provides me with the best pizza in Berlin. I love him and he loves me back (Probably cause I tip like fucking crazy everytime!)
Tonight we had Hawaii, which Steffy though was very 90's! Haha, I love it. It reminds me of when I was a straight acting boy and went to Discos in my hometown.

By the way. Someone said I looked like a meth-junkie and that I should eat.
When I finished this one I went down and bought another one.
So why don't you eat me?

Pizza Pac-Man & Capri-Sonne!!!

Have a fabulous evening.
Smell you later.

Postat av: Frank

how can one not love you! haha! you should have your own TV show!

2010-05-25 @ 23:19:39

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