Be my baby

Hi ladies!
I'm sorry the update yesterday was so bad, but you know. I had to make them dollars!
I was working and I have to say I was deply dissapointed when no one that I knew came by.
Especially since I was looking fiercer than fierce!
I was wearing high waisted suit trousers, a navy blue Ralph Lauren shirt (yes I know i wore it like two weeks ago) and a belt made from a chain.
I have to say I was very happy when I came to work and phil (the coolest guy in the bar) noticed that I had dyed my hair!
So it wasn't all for nothing! YAY ME!!!!!

before work: looking good, feeling great!

After work: looking shitty, smelling worse.

Time to brush my teeth and go to sleep.
I'll keep you updated tomorros loved ones!
Vi hörs imorgon!

Smell you later.


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