Don't stop me now

Good morning! Buenos dias! God morgon! Guten morgen! Günaydın!
I had som much fun last night. It wasn't that busy I have to say but then again when you stand dancing in the dark it's kind of like being alone.

In a week I'm going to my not so fabulous hometown to meet my fabulous mother, my brothers and my friends!
Last time I went there was almost a year ago now so I am super exited.
If I don't have time to meet up and you're reading this, whoever you are, I AM SO SORRY!

When I was younger this was the spot where I hid and sat for my evening smokes.

Smell you later.

Postat av: Sonsi

Algún día estaremos juntos en Andalucía y te llevaré al lugar donde fumaba, comiamos pipas y bebía litros de cerveza...tb. con vistas al mar :)


2010-05-27 @ 13:27:39

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