Shame on me

Like I said previously. Apologizes for my bad update yesterday.
I woke up an hour ago took a shower and now I've had my coffee and morning smoke.
It's Friday and you know what that means: Market day! So I'm going to get going quite soon.
I have to buy strawberries, some more fruits, champagne and glasses to drink it from! HAHA.
Can't have people over drinking from regular glasses. What would they think of me?! Jokes.

Early Photo Booth

Breakfest dressed in:
Tshirt: Acne
Track pants: Carni Berlin
(Steffy probably found his clothes in a rubbish bin)

Postat av: Natascha Juliana Wedekamp

you are sooooo cute & steppy also !!!!!! kisses

2010-06-26 @ 11:30:59

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